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Fowler Gallery.jpg


At 1,440 square feet, the Fowler Gallery is large enough to
host any event, but retains its sense of intimacy that makes
it a special place. That’s why the Fowler Gallery is the most commonly used site for the showcase exhibit on display at
the Hudgens Center. From Hudgens Prize winner exhibits to the "My People: The Drawings and Sculpture of Basil Watson," the Fowler Gallery is a welcoming space for lovers of art.

Fowler Gallery
Kistner Atrium 2.jpg
Kistner Atrium 3.jpg


Named for the late Mary S. Kistner, an art activist and passionate supporter of the community, this long  open space displays makes the Kister Atrium an ideal place to display artwork -- paintings, collages, etc. -- on the walls. But there’s enough room in the atrium  to show off dimensional items that visitors love to see up close, such as sculptures, installations and Hudgens Member’s favorite, the “Cup Show.”

Kendall Rotunda.jpg


The circular display area, with tall windows on all sides, is a welcoming entrance  to the Hudgens Center. You may find bold  statement pieces such as large,  tall sculptures or creative pieces hanging from the ceiling  that  greet guests upon arrival.

Georgia Gallery 1.jpg
Georgia Gallery 2.jpg
Georgia Gallery 3.jpg


Rowe Promenade.jpg


Imagine strolling down a quiet avenue and being immersed in the beauty. That’s an apt description for the Rowe Promenade, a lovely area that runs in front of the Grand Hall and Georgia Gallery. Natural lighting provides the illumination for artwork displayed on the wall and it’s quiet enough to enjoy a whispered conversation while soaking in the artwork.

With approximately 700 square feet of space, the Georgia Gallery features the work of local and regional artists through numerous rotating exhibitions each year. The Gallery proudly hosts the smART HonorsProgram exhibition, the Hudgens Annual Juried Members Show, and juried exhibitions in partnership with the Georgia Nature Photographers Association.


With 2,225 square feet of space, the Grand Hall is ideal for not only weddings a receptions, but also corporate meetings and classes. There is plenty of room for tables and chairs for breakout sessions or to get a group together for a meeting. The Grand Hall offers a special atmosphere that can’t be duplicated by any other venue.

Grand Hall 1.jpg
Grand Hall 2.jpg
Grand Hall 3.jpg
Sculpture Garden.jpg


The peaceful, tranquil sculpture garden is a 28,000 square-foot outdoor space that features a tranquility pool and waterfall, lined by a cobbled courtyard and featuring shade-covered benches. The space also features a rotating selection of sculpture chosen from our 150-piece collection. Surrounded by dozens of species of wildlife and flowers, the garden is an ideal place to enjoy nature and enjoy the serenity of the surroundings. The garden is also the perfect spot for your next corporate networking night or weekend wedding.

Kids Zone 1.jpg
Kids Zone 2.jpg
Kids Zone 3.jpg


Need a place to stoke your child’s imagination? Get them unplugged from video games and smart phone to enjoy the Kid’s Zone. Here they will have all the ingredients to create things they never imagined possible. They’ll be soaking in arts and science – and not even realize it because they’re having so much fun!

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